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Advanced Digestive

Relieves constipation & recovers stomach's health


Stomach & the digestive system are the primary factor for health as per Ayurveda.

We designed Vedilax™ as a mix of essential herbs which makes your stomach happy and resets your digestive system.

*This is not an instant laxative.

Stomach is like the
Mother for rest of the body.

It is a Kapha-organ, and most of the common diseases are usually noted first in the stomach. The condition of stomach indicates the general state of Kapha in the body — our sense of contentment, nourishment and happiness.

The stomach is a sensitive organ and gets easily upset not only by wrong diet but also by emotional imbalance.

*Source: General saying in Ayurvedic Texts, elaboration by Dr. David Frawley in several books.



Punica granatum

Anti-oxidant & digestive



Trachyspermum ammi

Digestive & carminative



Amalaki, Bibhitaki & Haritaki 

Laxative, anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant



Senna alexandrina

Stmulant laxative

+ Jeera, Pudina, Sounth, Chavya, Kali Mirch, Pippali, Alwa*, Chitrak Mulkichal*, Saindha Salt*, Black Salt*, Dal-chini*, Kasvi, Dhania, Kadhi Patta & Arjun.
*Only in syrup formulation

Dosage: 1-2 teaspoons syrup / 1-2 tablets twice a day. Or as directed by the vaidya or physician.

You shall feel a better stomach in 2-3 days of regular dosage.

My mother bought it for me seeing its ingredients. Although I was skeptical, but it does work for me! I have pretty heavy food habits, but vedilax often makes me feel good and light.


Ajay Aggarwal

CA, New Delhi

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