SugCare™ Tablets (180) – Anti-diabetic Ayurvedic Medicine

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SugCare™ Tablets (180) – Anti-diabetic Ayurvedic Medicine
SugCare™ Tablets (180) – Anti-diabetic Ayurvedic Medicine SugCare™ Tablets (180) – Anti-diabetic Ayurvedic Medicine

For those who have mild to moderate diabetes, SugCare alone can help you reverse it, with practically no side effects. Above all, the herbs also give relief to the complications of Diabetes.

SugCare has also shown great results for people with high sugar levels or advance-staged diabetes if taken in synergy for a few weeks.

The plants and its herbs have kept humanity healthy for millenniums. What we need is just the right quality and right formula. This is what makes SugCare effective.

About SugCare

Sugcare is an anti-diabetic medicine extracted from ancient ayurvedic texts and combined with present day medicinal knowledge to provide a completely safe, effective and natural medicine, with no adverse effects, that can be used to treat and manage diabetes.

  • Best herbs used during manufacture

  • Clinically tested on humans

  • No side effects

  • Works in synergy with allopathy

  • Shows results in just a month

Development of SugCare

Developed by the scientists at CCRAS* and approved by the Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India, SugCare™ is an anti-diabetic medicine extracted from the authoritative texts of Ayurveda. Clinically tested on humans, SugCare™ has been proved to be free of any side effects and well-rated by the physicians for its efficacious management of diabetes.

*CCRAS: Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, Govt. of India


A long-known formula

It is well established that the Amra Beeja, Gudmara Patra and other active herbs present in SugCare™ are effective against diabetes



Nurtured by nature

We believe we could be cared perfectly by the Nature. Herbs have a magical effect on our health. For SugCare™, we just select the purest of them.



Clinically tested on humans

Along with high standards of manufacturing, SugCare™ has undergone clinical trials on human volunteers to pass with great results. The trials also proved the medicine to be safe from any adverse effect, making it extremely reliable and beneficial for humans. 


1. What is the dosage?

As an Ayurvedic product, dosage can be adjusted as per severity of Diabetes.

For borderline diabetes (FBS 150-250) – 2 tablets twice a day, half hour before meals
For heavy diabetes (FBS >250) – 2 tablets thrice a day, half hour before meals

SugCare can also be taken with Insulin/Metformin tablets as an adjuvant.

2. Can I take it without doctor's prescription?

Yes. Though a lot of doctors prescribe SugCare, but Ayurvedic formulas can be used without prescription also.

3. What can be the side effects?

There are reportedly no side effects.

4. When can I expect results/benefits?

A consistent dosage of SugCare can show results in as soon as a week. But long term dosage is recommended for better results.

5. For whom is it not advisable?

Pregnant women shall consult doctor before use.

6. What are the formula/ingredients used?

SugCare is a patented formula developed by Ministry of AYUSH. It contains Amra, Jamun, Gudmar & Karela which are excellent glucose metabolisers, and help rejuvenate the pancreas. It also has Shuddh Shilajit, which prevents sugar-related fatigue.

7. What is the minimum/maximum or mandatory duration of the course?

For good results, minimum a month's course is recommended.

Since it is 100% natural product, long term courses will not lead to any side effect. So, you can pause or restart the course whenever required in long term.

8. What symptoms, illness or disease it cures?

It helps in curing Diabetes and related complications.

9. What is the shelf life, expiry date, etc?

3 years from the date of manufacturing.

10. Is the drug approved by Government guidelines?

Yes, it is in fact developed by Ministry of AYUSH itself, and we hold the license to manufacture it.

11. What are the certifications and clinical test reports for this product?

SugCare is tested on 800+ patients for a 2-month long period by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, New Delhi. Plus, SugCare passes all the tests required by USFDA, including anti-microbial test, heavy metals limit and stability guidelines.

In short, SugCare is a best-in-class product.

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