About Vedical

We are a science-led Ayurvedic company with a quality-first approach. 

Vedical India Wellness is an integrated Ayurveda medicine company that specializes in developing Ayurvedic formulas and clinically testing them for reliable results. The company has combined industrial expertise with the demands of Ayurvedic practitioners to develop quality-first products and solutions for the fast-growing healthcare system. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience and decades of pharma experience, Vedical grows from an extensive medical background.

With manufacturing based in Haridwar (and upcoming plant in Delhi early 2021), Vedical has several business verticals ranging from ethical marketing (prescription based sales), Institutional sales, Govt. supplies, exports, contract product development and consumer products/ecommerce (limited products).

Everyone at Vedical is equally passionate about bringing back Ayurveda. The more we study this system, the more we are inspired by the meticulous knowledge Ayurveda possesses about the life. And we are committed to play our role in this opportunity. With Vedical, we are not just making products. We are evolving as a communicator of this ancient wisdom, through our quality-first research products and a network of doctors who use them for the benefit of mankind.

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