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Vedical's E-Prescription Program

A unique way to prescribe our products & ensure full satisfaction with patients.

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Helping doctors keep pace with the digital revolution.
What is it?

Today, a lot of patients consult doctors on call. And this is going to grow in future. With Vedical's E-Priscription Program, doctors can prescribe our products online without worrying about the availability. Plus, with each prescription doctors can earn the referral fees once the patient purchases the product.

How does it work?

It is simple to get started with the program. Here are the steps:


Fill in the application form for this Program.


Once your application is processed, we will open a unique code for you. You will then receive special link for our products.


To prescribe a product, simply send the product link to the patient.


On purchase patient gets 10-15% discount & express delivery, while you will get 20-30% of the order value as referral fees. 

The referral fees will be paid out monthly.

A lot of Benefits!

Vedical's E-Prescription Program is an opportunity to embrace the modern technology while improving your relations with the patients! Here are some of the benefits

For your Patients:
For Doctors:
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Hassle free and safe delivery

10-15% discount

No need to worry for availability

We will remind them when its time to refill the dose

Keep pace with the digital revolution

Earn with Zero Investment - no need to purchase, store and dispense.

Earn 20% of the entire order value for 0-50 prescriptions!

If you prescribe more than 50 prescriptions, then we provide 30% of the order value!

Special: Earn this referral fees anytime your patient orders on the website. So if your patient re-orders from our site even after 6 months, it will add up to your referral amount!

Prescribe & Grow Digitally
999 0999 472

We handle the complex part

24 hour delivery in Delhi/NCR*

3-Day delivery anywhere in North India

Easy tracking of orders

*Subject to availability of Hyper-delivery at the customer's pincode. 

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