Ayush kwath Tablets - by Vedical (Buy Now)

Ayush Kwath (Tablets)

New Ayurvedic Immunity Booster

A Powerful formula recommended by the Ministry of AYUSH, in high quality dispersible tablets form which make a soothing Kadha.

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Why Ayurveda kept us healthy for millenniums?

We have been evolving on this planet and around the nature since millions of years. Every system of our body is well acquainted with the gifts of nature. Ayurveda understood this. It took this simple idea and formed a vast system of medicines – all natural.


Hello! I am using Vedical, for 3 months now. I surely has helped in maintaining my sugar levels. Over this, I feel more energetic throughout the day. One more thing I have noticed is that after taking vedical, my digestion system has become much better. I feel light whole day, so surely its helping and changing my metabolism. I recommend this to patients who are in early stage of diabetics & facing digestion problem due to this diabetics.

– Mehul Shah (Delhi)

I have been taking this medicine (SugCare) for the last 3 months, my diabetes level has dropped to 120 post and pre to 91. I don't feel any fatigue now. I have even stopped my morning medicines; this is a wonderful drug which is helping me in reversing my health to normalcy.

– Vikram Kamdar (Mumbai)

Have been using this since last 70 days. Have got good results in my Hb1AC.

– Shefali Shah (Ahmedabad)

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